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  • Author: Rev. Robert S. Fischer
  • Publisher: Boston: The Massachusetts New-Church Union
  • Publication Date: 1925
  • Total Pages: 331

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Commentary on the Book of the Prophet Ezekiel

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Commentary on the Book of the Prophet Ezekiel Compiled from the Theological Works of Emanuel Swedenborg


The Divine truth is the Word, and its quality, are described by the Cherubs in Ezekiel I IX and X; and as none can know what is signified by the particulars in their description but one to whom the spiritual sense has been opened, it has for this reason been disclosed to me what is signified, in brief, by all the things which are related concerning the Cherubs in the first chapter in Ezekiel, which are these: the external

Divine sphere of the Word is described in verse 4; it is represented as a man verse 5; conjoined with spiritual and celestial things verse 6; the natural of the Word, its quality verse 7; the spiritual and the celestial, of the Word, conjoined with its natural, their quality verses 8. 9. The Divine love of the celestial, the spiritual, and the natural good and truth therein, severally and together verses 10. 11; they regard one end verse 12; the sphere of the Word from the Lord's Divine good and Divine truth, from which the Word is living verses 13. 14; the doctrine of good and truth in the Word and from the Word verses 15-21; the Divine of the Lord above the Word and in it verses 22. 23; and from it verses 24. 25; the Lord is above the heavens verse 26; Divine love and Divine Wisdom are His verses 27. 28. These summaries have all been collated with the Word in heaven, and are in conformity with it.

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