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  • Author: Rev. J. H. Smithson
  • Publisher: London: Longman, Green, Longman, and Roberts.
  • Publication Date: 1860
  • Total Pages: 654

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The Prophet Isaiah

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A New Translation, From the Hebrew, of The Prophet Isaiah: Together with an Exposition of the Spiritual Sense of the Divine Prophecies, From the Theological Works of Swedenborg



As this new Translation of ISAIAH, together with an Exposition of the Spiritual Sense of these divine Prophecies from the works of SWEDENBORG, is now presented to the reader, it will be expected that the Translator should offer some preliminary remarks as to the work which, through the LORD'S mercy, he has been permitted to accomplish. It is now some years since the Translator announced his intention of submitting the result of his labours' in this sacred field of literature to the public. Soon after he had completed a similar work on "The Psalms," * commenced by the late, Rev. J. CLOWES, M.A., Rector of St. John's, Manchester, he began to collect the extracts from the writings of SWEDENBORG necessary for the purpose. It was, however, soon discovered that this could not be effectually done without a new TransIation of the divine Text, more closely and more correctly expressive of the Hebrew than that of the Bible version.

The Translator accordingly began a new version of the Prophet, guided, as he trusts, by a holy reverence for that which is most holy upon earth-the WORD OF GOD. The Translator has, in earnest prayer for divine guidance, been especially careful not to put into the sacred Text what does not belong to it, and also not to take out of it what is not, as nearly as possible, its inspired literal sense. The object, as the Translator stated in the Preface to the Psalms above. mentioned, is to express, as nearly as possible, the divine Text in corresponding terms and language. This SWEDENBORG has done in the Latin version he has adopted.

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