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  • Author: Sebastiano Schmidt
  • Publisher: James Speirs
  • Publication Date: 1872
  • Total Pages: 892

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Latin Schmidt Bible with Swedenborg's Hand Writing

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Swedenborg’s translations of the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures into Latin were deliberately literal, and an attempt has been made in this translation to reflect this literal quality. For his translations in the current work, Swedenborg relied heavily on the Latin version of Scripture produced by Sebastian Schmidt (1617–1696), both in the independent Latin version (1696), and in the bilingual (Hebrew and Latin) van der Hooght–Schmidt version of 1740 (on Swedenborg’s use of the latter, see Cole 1977, 33). Though he admired the Schmidt version for its faithfulness, he did also make alterations based on his reading of the Hebrew and Greek. Readers who compare his versions with standard English translations may therefore notice variations from those texts. As a general rule they have not been noted in this edition. For further discussion of the translation of biblical passages in this edition, see the translator’s preface, pages 8–11. [LHC, SS] (Source)

Academy of the New Church Press By Erland Brock (Source)

Schmidt Bible newly available A revised edition of the R.L. Tafel edition of the Schmidt Latin Bible with Swedenborg’s annotations is now available. To the Tafel edition has been added Samuel I and II from the Schmidt Bible and other relevant material. Stephen Cole kindly inserted the additions into the pdf file received from Etherington Conservation, the company that scanned the Tafel edition and provided one archival-quality reproduction of it. The circumstances that led to the need to add the material are given in Tafel’s Preface, translated from the Latin for us by Lisa Hyatt Cooper, as follows:

Editor’s Preface

The copy of this work marked with annotations in Swedenborg’s own hand, to be found in the library of the Royal Academy of Sciences in Stockholm, has not reached us whole. Not only have many pages been lost (Genesis pp. 17-58, 63, Exodus 64- 104, Leviticus 209-240, Isaiah 521-524, 534-536, Jeremiah 537-551, 562-577, 580-583, 588-591, Ezekiel 618-633, 636-657) but some of those that remain (i.e., Isaiah pp. 480-485, Jeremiah 596-599, Ezekiel 607, 608, 613-617, 634, 635) have been trimmed at books of Samuel, the two books of Kings, David’s Psalms, and the prophets—Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi. Those in the New Testament are the four Gospels—Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John—and Revelation.” To these we have added the books of Ruth, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Solomon, since Swedenborg himself made notes on them. But regrettably the Photolithographic Society did not fully carry out its orders and failed to make plates of the two books of Samuel. This happened during the absence of the editor, who had to travel to England after the project had begun.

Many thanks to Mr. Theodore Müllensiefen of Theodorshofia, Switzerland, in the Rhine Valley, whose generosity made it possible for us to publish this facsimile edition. -London 1872

Preface to the 2005 edition

In this edition, a number of pages have been included that were omitted in the 1872 edition. Eighty-three of these pages are simply those needed to supply the two books of Samuel, which, as noted in the original preface, were omitted from the facsimile edition, despite their presence in Swedenborg’s own copy. Additionally, we have added notes from the front and back fly-leaves, errata pages, nine pages from the books of Chronicles, and one page from Job.

The images from which these pages haves been supplied are, unfortunately, not from the original in Stockholm, but rather from photocopied pages which were added, at some point, to a copy of the facsimile edition in the Swedenborgiana collection at the Swedenborg Library in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania. There are, therefore, on these pages also some notes added in a hand other than Swedenborg’s—possibly that of Dr. Alfred Acton. In the original facsimile edition, pages were supplied from a copy other than Swedenborg’s in order to fill in gaps where pages are missing from the copy preserved in Stockholm. The photocopied pages from Samuel seem all to be taken from Swedenborg’s copy, but a cursory examination of the pages included from the books of Chronicles will show that the pages added to this edition include only those with annotations by Swedenborg, not including intervening pages even where they exist in his copy.

The 1872 edition was repaginated after page 309 so that the page numbers would run consecutively even though, as explained in the 1872 preface, a number of books of the Bible were left out. The repagination was done so skillfully that it has contributed to the confusion about the omission of the books of Samuel—some supposing that the consecutive pagination meant that the books were simply missing from the edition used by Swedenborg.

In this reprint, no attempt has been made either to repaginate consecutively, or to restore the original pagination. This means not only that there are jumps in the numbering of the selected pages from Chronicles, but also that after the end of II Samuel (i.e. after page 382 in the added pages) the pagination jumps back to 310 and page numbers 310 through 382 are repeated.

Since the original publication of the facsimile edition, a typescript of Swedenborg’s notes and marks was prepared by Dr. Acton (and may be consulted at the Swedenborg Library) and many of the annotations were published in Dr. E.E. Iungerich’s 1917 The Schmidius Marginalia: together with the Expository Material of the Index Biblicus. Bryn Athyn, 2005

The two-volume paperback edition (c. 1000 pp.) is available in America by contacting Dr. Erland Brock, P.O. Box 717, Bryn Athyn, PA 19009 or email Price: $45 plus $3.75 postage, prepaid; or in Europe, from the Swedenborg Society, 20-21 Bloomsbury Way, London WC1A 2TH or e-mail Contact the Society for pricing. Elsewhere, contact Erland Brock; mailing costs will vary, but could be about USD22.

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